Tomas Del Balso 647-706-7659
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tomas Del Balso is a Canadian artist, printmaker and musician who can be best described as a witch doctor of the collective unconscious. A graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design,

he has since mounted shows in Toronto, Montreal and London alongside Chad VanGaalen and Alexandra Mackenzie. He has toured Asia, North America, the UK and Europe with his band DD/MM/YYYY,

has art directed for a TV show on NBC and has been featured in SPIN, Eye Weekly and the CBC.

2006 Ontario College of Art and Design Alumni, Major in Drawing and Painting, B.F.A.

Exhibition Record:


2010 Alexandra Mackenzie + Tomas Del Balso , Oz Studios (134 Ossington), Toronto


2012 Installation for Electric Eclectic Fest in Meaford Ontario*upcoming in august

2012 Mural at Death by Audio, Brooklyn NY
2011 Secret Geometry, Toronto
2010 NXNE poster Show, Twist Gallery, Toronto
2010 Doubledouble Land, Toronto
2010 555 Polite Mural, House of Everlasting Joy, Toronto
2010 Secret Admirer Fundraiser, Forest City Gallery, London, Ontario
2010 Cave Mind, 107 Shaw Sreet, Toronto2009 Order/ Chaos, Xpace, Toronto
2009 Line Art Charity Auction, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
2009 The Video Word Made Flesh, 107 Shaw Street, Toronto
2009 Community Trance, Keep 6 Contemporary, Toronto
2009 Halo Halo, Urbanspace Gallery, Toronto
2008 Line Art Charity Auction, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
2008 No Subtitles, Whippersnapper Gallery, Toronto
2008 Poster Show III, Whippersnapper Gallery, Toronto
2008 Free Drawings Newspaper Launch, Xpace, Toronto
2008 Colour is the Keyboard, Whippersnapper Gallery, Toronto
2008 Quick Draw fund raiser, Penticton Art Gallery, Penticton, B.C.
2007 Artist Bloc : The Documentary, Theatre Centre, Toronto
2007 Our Favourite Games, My Hero Gallery, Montreal, Quebec
2007 Boardroom, Well and Good Gallery 561 Queen West, Toronto
2006 New Work, Jane Bond, Waterloo, Ontario
2006 Postal Art, Awkward Gallery, Barrie, Ontario
2006 Give a Little, Magic Pony, Toronto
2006 Wallpaper 2,  Xpace, Toronto
2006 The OCAD Grad Show, OCAD, Toronto
2006 The Dissenters Club, Xpace, Toronto 
2006 Animals you can put in your art, Xpace, Toronto
2005 Cute but Cynical, Xpace, Toronto
2005 Digital Painting, The Cameron House, Toronto
2005 The Lost Boys, Xpace, Toronto
2005 The Build Up to Let Down!, Xpace, Toronto

2008 Brampton City Council Arts Acclaim, City of Brampton

Psychic Arts, 202 Page Paperback
XXX, Tomas Del Balso, , May 2010
After 19 Major, Tomas Del Balso, Limited Edition 10 copies, June 2009

Other Publications:
Cave Mind, Compiled and Screen Printed by Jesjit Gill:  November 2009
Free Drawings series published by Jesjit Gill
Raw Pizza published by Jesjit GillLost Boys Zine series with Dan Rocca, Ryan Solski (2004-)

Volume 2009 published by Xpace.Sketch Magazine- Thou Shall Not ArtSpeak-(pg 20), Spring Summer Issue

Freelance Illustration:
NBC's Warehouse 13, Wardrobe Tee-Shirt Art Work for TV Series 2


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